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    help with a product database



      help with a product database


      Hi I have a product database and it has a kit portal and a supplier portal and they work ok now


       i what to do this now

      Towbar A £100+ wiring kit a £80 towbarA+wiring kit = £180

      Same Towbar A £100 + Wiring kit B £100     Different wiring kit B TowbarA + wiring kit B =£ 200


      Some Kind of list that adds it up some how Hope this help


      Andy Notton

      Filemaker pro 10.3


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          Thank you for your post.


          Are these different records in the portal?  Is Wiring Kit B the second record in the portal?  You can use the function "GetNthRecord" to get the contents of a specific record in the portal.  For example, if you want to get the second record in a portal, the calculation would be:


          GetNthRecord ( Supplier::Field ; 2 )


          Let me know if you need clarification.



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