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    Help with a Record Count



      Help with a Record Count


           Im looking to get a total of records in a related table

           I thought I knew how to do this and is probably really simple

           The table is populated with Colors (::ColorID) and are all in Groups (::ColorGroupID)  and I want to display how many colors in each subgroup

           I want a different table to contain the calculation (This table also contains the ColorGroupID so have a related field to join!


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               Do you have this relationship?

               Groups::ColorGroupID = Colors::ColorGroupID

               If so, then Count ( Colors::ColorGroupID ) could be defined in Groups to count the number or related records in each group.

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                 That's how I set it up and was scratching my head about why it wasn't working because it should have been pretty simple!


                 But I have since worked out what  "Evaluate this calculation from the context of:" means! .... I had multiple occurences of the table in question

                 You learn something everyday :)