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Help with a report design

Question asked by JoshSmith on Jun 29, 2011
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Help with a report design


Hi Everyone,

I'm so new at filemaker it's not even funny yet how much trouble I am having.

I am working on a database at an optometry office. Here is what I am trying to accomplish.......

I need to write a report that allows me to see how many times "pocedure code" and "diagnosis" (tied together) have been used over a peroid of time. I understand that I can find that easily with the find option. However, I need to be able to sum all of the charges for a specific procedure code that are associated with each bill. Example, I found 133 records that have "procedure code" 92314" however the charge is different on each bill.

How would i set that up if I also wanted to see the number of time "procedure code" was used in a given time period and then sum the amount of the "itemized charge plus tax". I have to run this with several different "procedure codes" so would it be possbile to just have them on a "report" layout and run everytime I need it with changing the date?

I am using filemaker pro 6 connected to filemaker server. Thanks for your help.