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help with a script

Question asked by k1ngf1sher on Oct 2, 2009
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help with a script


Hi all, I'm working on a script that is just not doing what I need it to do.  Here's the scenario:


I have multiple clients in a database.  Each client has multiple reports assorted with their name.  From a list of clients, I select one (perform a find) and want to generate a report based on information within the reports from the client.  For a 'found' client, I select from a Yes/No field the reports I want to generate a summary.  The script below does generate a summary as expected, but it does not use only the clients that I specified in the initial find; it uses all the other clients' reports as well.  I would really appreciate help in figuring out where this script is going wrong. 


Thanks for your help.


Cheers, K


Go to Layout [Manure Analysis Reports]  **Do I have to tell the script to only use the information in the found set?**

Enter Find Mode []

Set Field [Manure Analysis Reports::Include; "Yes"]

Perform Find [Restore]

Sort Records [Restore; No Dialog]

Go to Layout ["Manure Analysis Summary" (Manure Analysis Reports)]

Enter Preview Mode [Pause]