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Help with a script to modify multiple records

Question asked by Celshader on Mar 6, 2010
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Help with a script to modify multiple records


I have created a script that will perform a calculation on a singe record to fix some data in a database that I administer...


Currently I just perform that script on the records as I use them. Is there a way to loop this script, so that I fixes every entry in the database in 1 pass?


For simplicities sake, Here is an example:


Lets say I have a variable called "X" and three records. In those records that variable is assigned the value of 1, 2, and 3.

If I want to create a script that performs a calculation, say multiply the value by 3, how would I do this automatically with a script for all three records at once and result in those values being 3, 6, 9.


Thanks for the help.


I am using FM pro 8.5 on XP.

I am completely self tought, so any concrete example would be very helpful.