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    Help With A Search "Summary" layout.



      Help With A Search "Summary" layout.


      I tried searching the forums and knowledge base for this, but after looking through roughly 1000 topics frustration has taken over.

      I created a layout page for searching through a database. Users enter the information they are looking for and press the search button. When this happens (in FileMaker Go) a dialog box pops up and lets you know how many items meet your criteria. When you click "OK"  it takes you to the record page for the first item from your search results...

      What I would like is when a user presses the "Search" button it would take them to another layout with thumbnail views and a title of every item returned from their search query. When the user selects (clicks) on the thumbnail of the item they wish to see it would take them to the Item Report for that specific item.

      Additionally (if possible):

      • I would like to limit the number of thumbnail views returned from a search result to around 16 - 20 (if more items are returned from the query there would be a "Next Page" button at the bottom).

      I have attached 2 screenshots to help illustrate what I am tring to accomplish (2nd one is in my second post). Thank you in advance for any assistance provided!!!


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          You have two parts to this project:

          1) A script that takes the user input on your first screen and pulls up a found set of matching records

          2) The ability to present this found set in a 'Grid' of clickable thumbnails.

          Do you need help with both or just 2)?

          Part 1 is pretty straight forward. Part 2's 'Grid' will take some work to achieve, a single column scrolling list of such thumbnails takes a lot less effort to set up.

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            I have a "search results" layout completed that displays user search results a single column of clickable images. All images are full size but scaled down to about 1.5 x 1.5 inches... which works, but I have noticed that when a large number of results are displayed it takes a while for the images to load (especially on an iPad). I would like to have this layout use thumbnails (in hopes that it speeds up when scrolling), and display more than one column of results, maybe 2-3, or in a grid format determined by screen width.

            Thanks, and sorry about the delay in replying.... Christmas and New Years break, the wife said I cant work at all :)


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              To get thumbnails, you'd need to add a second container field and insert downsampled copies of the same image. FileMaker can't downsample the images for you, so you'd have to use other software to get the scaled down, lower resolution copies to insert.

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                ahh, thanks! Think I will just stick with the full size images for now..... way, way, WAY too much work to reformat all the images I have in there, lol.

                Any ideas on setting up multiple columns for a search results layout?

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                  There's a technique called a "horizontal portal" that can be used to organize the results into columns. It takes a bit of work to produce. The technique uses a row or grid of portals that display the results of your search. These portals start by displaying "initial row 1, number of rows 1, initial row 2, number of rows 1 and so forth. Takes a bit of work to set up and can limit you to a maximum number of matching results.

                  The challenge is to first figure out how to get your results to appear in a portal.

                  Two Possibilities come to mind. Both require setting up a relationship that most likely will be a self join relationship between two occurrences of your table.

                  With FileMaker 11, you might be able to create a portal filter relationship that matches to the correct records without even performing a find in the first place. If you take this approach, you can use this self join relationship:

                  YourTable::anyfield x YourTable 2::anyfield. The X operator matches any record in yourtable to any record in your table 2. Thus the portal will list all records in Your Table except for the filter relationship that then reduces this to just the matching records.

                  The other option is to build a multivalue key of serial numbers for your found set of records and use this in a relationship:

                  YourTable::globalTextField = YourTable 2::SerialNumberField

                  Create a new layout, serialNumbers, based on YourTable and put just the Serial number field on this layout.

                  Create another new layout (or modify one you already have) and place the global text field on this layout.

                  Now the script to set things up for your portal:

                  //after performing the find...
                  Go To Layout [SerialNumbers]
                  Copy All Records
                  Go To Layout [//layout with globalTextField]
                  Paste [specify globaltextfield]
                  Go To Layout [original layout]

                  This loads globaltextfield with a return separated list of serial numbers. A multi-value list like this matches any listed value to any related record with the same value.