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Help With A Search "Summary" layout.

Question asked by AnthonyOShaughnassey on Dec 21, 2010
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Help With A Search "Summary" layout.


I tried searching the forums and knowledge base for this, but after looking through roughly 1000 topics frustration has taken over.

I created a layout page for searching through a database. Users enter the information they are looking for and press the search button. When this happens (in FileMaker Go) a dialog box pops up and lets you know how many items meet your criteria. When you click "OK"  it takes you to the record page for the first item from your search results...

What I would like is when a user presses the "Search" button it would take them to another layout with thumbnail views and a title of every item returned from their search query. When the user selects (clicks) on the thumbnail of the item they wish to see it would take them to the Item Report for that specific item.

Additionally (if possible):

  • I would like to limit the number of thumbnail views returned from a search result to around 16 - 20 (if more items are returned from the query there would be a "Next Page" button at the bottom).

I have attached 2 screenshots to help illustrate what I am tring to accomplish (2nd one is in my second post). Thank you in advance for any assistance provided!!!