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Help with a summary report

Question asked by Sketter on Oct 20, 2010
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Help with a summary report


Hi, so I have been trying to get a summary report to group records based on a "leader" and "Member" criteria.

To give a bit of a history, here is a link from a previous post Help with go to record button (if you scroll towards the bottom, the last few by Phill is the structure I'm using)

So I have used a sub summary report that Phill has illustrated in his tutorial in other circumstances that worked great.

But in this situation, I don't know where exactly my problem is.
I can't get the grouping correct.

I attached an image to show my relationships and my TO.

(For the image, I have two tables that are Contact Management with TO of Contact Management, Members, Leaders, and coworkersinfo.

And second  Table C_Storage, with TO of TMembers, TLeaders, and CoWorkers)

What i'm trying to do is get a report that sorts the records into groups based on who their leaders are.