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    Help with access



      Help with access


      Hello everyone,


      I recently upgraded by filemaker from 4 to 9.  Everything is working okay, but there is one problem I am having with access.  The access privileges have been set and they work the only problem is that changes can only be made when the user is logged into a particular account in the network. 


      When logged into my account on the network - the administrative one: everything works fine with all the different accounts and their privileges.  When my staff are logged into their accounts- and they try to log into Filemaker and the account that allows changes, they are unable to make changes they are blocked from doing so.  Basically my staff have read only capacity even when logged into filemaker with the access to make changes. 


      To help explain this:

      me(boss) logged into my network account- boss.  Log into filemaker account: datachange- able to make changes

      Staff logged into network account- staff.  Log into filemaker account: datachange- unable to make changes


      Is there anything I can do to adjust the settings in Filemaker to allow anyone who logs into the account datachange to make changes- or is this something I need to fix on my network?   


      I hope that my question makes sense- if you need further clarification let me know.  

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          Thank you for your post.


          I would make sure that the account in question is set to "Full Access".


          If you can't figure it out, try using the account locally.  Could it be that a layout was set for limited access or View only?  If you are still unable to determine the cause, let me know, and I'll make arrangements to look at your file.



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            Hi TSGAl,


            I have looked and the account is set up as full access.  In fact all of the different accounts- there is 1 -full access, 2- created and edit info only accounts, and  1- read only account.  All of the accounts work properly when I am logged into the network  (boss).  All of those accounts become a read only when staff are logged into the network (staff)- even at my computer. 


            How do I check to see if the layout was set for limited access?  


            Thanks for your help.

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              Are you saying that everyone is accessing the file using the same "full access" account?


              If it is just one layout, then look at the privilege set.  That is, select the privilege set and click the "Edit..." button.  Make sure your "Layouts" option is set for "All modifiable".  If set for "Custom privileges...", then see if any are set for "No access".



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                I've checked my different accounts, I have one full access account, 2 dataentry accounts and one read only account.  I have checked all the priviledges and they are all correct.    I just logged into each seperate account and they worked as they were suppose to.  The problem is when my staff go to log into them.  The way our network is set up at work there are two seperate accounts Boss and Staff.  All of the filemaker log ins work when you are logged into the network account Boss.  As soon as you switch users and log into the network with the Staff account- all of the filemaker accounts become read only including the full access account.  This means when staff need to use FM I need to log the computer into my account Boss even on days that I am not in at the office.  

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                  Let's start fresh.


                  1. Pull down the File menu and select "Sharing -> FileMaker Network..." 


                  2. Make sure Network Sharing is turned on.


                  3. In the bottom left corner, highlight the database, and in the bottom right corner, set Network access to "All Users".


                  4. Click OK.


                  5. Go to another machine, launch FileMaker Pro, pull down the File menu and select "Open Remote...", and open the file using the full access password.


                  Are you now able to make changes?


                  6. If so, close the file and open remotely again.  This time using the staff password.  Are you able to make changes?  If not, then it is definitely an access issue.


                  A. Notice which layout it is.


                  B. Notice which records on the layout have a problem.


                  C. In the user account, make sure the Layout access is accessible for that particular layout.


                  D. Make sure the record access is accessible for the field(s) you want to access.


                  Let me know if you are still running into difficulty.



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