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Help with access

Question asked by Mickey on Mar 12, 2009
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Help with access


Hello everyone,


I recently upgraded by filemaker from 4 to 9.  Everything is working okay, but there is one problem I am having with access.  The access privileges have been set and they work the only problem is that changes can only be made when the user is logged into a particular account in the network. 


When logged into my account on the network - the administrative one: everything works fine with all the different accounts and their privileges.  When my staff are logged into their accounts- and they try to log into Filemaker and the account that allows changes, they are unable to make changes they are blocked from doing so.  Basically my staff have read only capacity even when logged into filemaker with the access to make changes. 


To help explain this:

me(boss) logged into my network account- boss.  Log into filemaker account: datachange- able to make changes

Staff logged into network account- staff.  Log into filemaker account: datachange- unable to make changes


Is there anything I can do to adjust the settings in Filemaker to allow anyone who logs into the account datachange to make changes- or is this something I need to fix on my network?   


I hope that my question makes sense- if you need further clarification let me know.