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    Help with adding Map to Database



      Help with adding Map to Database



      I am working with FileMakerPro 13.  I have a database of people who will do some traveling from their home address.  I want to add a button to access Google Maps with a starting address of their address, city and state and have a blank Destination address so I can type in where they drove to so that i can obtain mileage info to pay them for travel.  I have this on another database and I have copied it but when the google map opens and I try to type in the destination field, it takes me out of the google maps window.  It does not do this on my other database but I cannot see what the differences are in the custom web viewer setup between the two databases.  Can someone help me with this? 

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          Without seeing a sample database it may be impossible to help you, so I'll ask some more questions. I assume the 'button' has an open URL script step attached to it.  What's in the specify calculation edit box?  When I open mine, I get the google map, the address (in this case a customers) appears, I click 'directions' and there's a blank line to type a destination address.  Are you saying this is not happening in your web browser?

          Did you copy this from a starter solution?  If so, which one?


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            What I did is created a blank layout I call Map.  Tied the button to the layout with Open Layout.  Then on the Map layout, I clicked the Globe icon at the top that is the web viewer tool button.  Then I placed a box the size I wanted on the layout.  When the web viewer tool opens, you select the type of web browser you want and you can add the fields from your database from the selectors.  So after that is all set up, I save it and press the button on a database which opens google maps.  Yes, the map opens with the person's address in the from box and everything looks fine, but when I try to click on the space to enter the destination address, it takes me back to my original layout on my database and does not let me edit the address destination box and the google maps page disappears.  Now, I did check the Web Viewer Setup box and made sure that the box for "Allow interaction with web viewer content" which I assume is what allows you to type in the google maps screen to change the destination address.
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              Doesn't the google map open in the web browser, not the web viewer? 

              So what do you exactly  have for a web address?  Maybe some screenshot would help...something like this

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                Sure wish this post was still running so someone (not me) could come up with a solution because this sounds like a slick trick that I would like to incorporate into the database I am just starting to put together.

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                  This is readily available in the contacts starter solution (at least it is in FM12).  Look at the layouts for iPhone or iPad.  On the iPhone layout you click the static map and it opens google maps.  On the iPad layout it has a button next to the address that does the same thing.

                  SChamblee (if I spelled it right) does some really good things with maps.

                  Google 'FileMaker and Google Maps, you'll find lots of solutions

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                    SteveMartino  Thanks for the info, Steve but not only are a lot of the "Resource" articles confusing (with the proliferation of what I consider "technical terminology") but also trying to navigate my way around FM's web site - which I find unnecessarily confusing. Actually I have no idea as to where to even look for, "contacts starter solutions" btw- I recently purchased FM Pro 14. Database lingo is not my thing. I am a photographer and digital artist and this is what I really want (need) to get back to but trying as best I can to create some databases that would be helpful to my business. (Oh why oh why did good ole, AppleWorks database application fade into the past).........  So simple to work with and although it didn't possess the multitude of features found in FM, it served my needs for many years. Being an artist, I am more of a visual learner and also yearn for "step-by-step" instruction rather than spending hours reading through tons of help text containing technical terminology of which I have no idea, means.


                    Also, as you can see, I get carried away with writing too much   I will continue fumbling around and see if I can find the resources of which you suggest. Thanks again.