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Help with an inventory database

Question asked by nwhawksfan on Jan 5, 2014
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Help with an inventory database


     In my continued quest to learn Filemaker the old fashion way (just dive in head first!), I have got stuck again.  


     I am attempting to make a typical inventory database that consists of recipe ingredients for Dry Rubs.   I have a table and have successfully created the ability to take a receipt and enter the data off the receipt to calculate "inventory in".  Now the twist.  I have created another table to add recipes to the database, using a portal to add related records to each recipe at a given amount for each recipe.   I would like to create a button/link to push "make" recipe and have the ingredients calculated for a given size of recipe and those results be taken out of my inventory.  Eventually I would like to calculate the cost of each ingredient and therefore how much it would cost to make a given rub at a given size.   


     I am trying to make a portal in the "prepare_rub" that would use the data from the "rub_recipe" table and make and amount used field for calculation in the ingredient table to make an inventory.    I have reached my limited level of knowledge and can not make it work.  


     The specific question I have is that I want to prepare a rub (with a button).   When I do that I want it to import all the associated ingredients with that rub.  I do not have a problem with changes in price over time, because I have a weighted average of how much each ingredient costs.  I know that is going to change with time, and I do not have a problem with that.   I am more worried about keeping track of inventory then I am price.    Once I import all the associated ingredients, I want to be able to dictate how much rub I am going to make and then be able to calculate the exact quantity of each ingredient to make a "recipe" card.    I am stuck on the part of importing the specific ingredients.  My vision is to be able to select the rub, and the records will be imported based on the recipe.  I then type in how much I am going to make, and press calculate and it commits the record and calculates the amount removed from inventory.  


     My data base is uploaded here:


     Below is a screen shot

     Below are my TO