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Help With An Old Calculation

Question asked by MatthewMackay on Mar 2, 2012
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Help With An Old Calculation


I currently have a calculation in place that's helps with the formatting of my reports;

Let ([ Litem = Length (Report Item);

LDescrip = Length (Report Description);

LComments = Length (Report Comments) ];

Case (Litem ≥ LDescrip and Litem ≥ LComments; Report Item; LDescrip ≥ Litem and LDescrip ≥ LComments; Report Description; Report Comments) )


It basically calculates which field out of the 3 has the most characters and sets the other 2 to that length. The 3 fields are displayed in a single row on the report.


I've attached an image of an example when this doesn't quite work, usually due to carriage returns making a field larger but still containing less characters. It's a very minor issue but I'm just trying to tidy up my reports.


Let me know if you have any ideas.