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Help with automatically filling portals

Question asked by fmpro_novice on Dec 23, 2013
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Help with automatically filling portals


     I have a layout with individuals listed separately, each individual being a record. That record has Name; ID; Team Number.  On this layout, you might have 4 individuals that would all have the same Team Number so even though they are listed as separate records, they are easily grouped together because of their Team Numbers being the same. These records are located in their own FileMaker file.

     I need to take these individual records to another FileMaker file, and have them automatically create records (one for each Team) and the names would then fill the lines in the portals. 

     Example: File A has 40 individual records.
     File B would end up being 10 records each with a portal of 4 to list the 40 individuals from File A filling those portals in File B.

     Can someone tell me how to do this? The Names, ID from both files come from a shared Database.

     Thank you!