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    Help with Barcode Labels and Invoices



      Help with Barcode Labels and Invoices


      Hi All!


      Im trying to make barcode labels based on the invoice.

      im planning to duplicate the invoice to another table and edit the field that will contain a number on how many will be printed.


      is this the right approach?


      one other option is to merge the LINE ITEM of the Invoice with the BARCODE Table into one, so i dont need to copy it?


      what could be the best approach to this?


      Thank You!

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          I think you'll need to explain the roll that bar codes will play in this and exactly what you are trying to do.

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            Thank you PhilModJunk!


            I need to print barcode labels based on the purchase invoice for inventory purposes (tracking in and out of products)


            I came up with this Relationship

            BARCODE------<INVOICE>-------<INVOICE LINE ITEM>-------<PRODUCTS


            BARCODE::Date = INVOICE::Date


            The process is something like this.

            1. Create a Purchase Invoice (INVOICE)

            2. Add Products in the INVOICE LINE ITEM with Quantity and Price

            3. Open the BARCODE Layout with PORTAL of INVOICE LINE ITEM

            4. Type in a Date in BARCODE Layout to find all the Products of the Date

            5. Selected Products will then be Exported to a Excel File for printing.


            I will be using the Purchase Invoice LINE ITEM Quantity to count the number of Barcode Labels to be printed


            I was planning on copying the whole LINE ITEM to a new Table but i think its better to use the INVOICE LINE ITEM. Is this the right approach?


            also, Im planning to further control what Products to be printed and the number to be printed which is based on the LINE ITEM Quantity.

            How do i filter the Portal of the Date specified to export only selected Products?  one idea is I add a field in the LINE ITEM that a user can check or not (checkbox) if the Product is to be printed, and use Find? is this a sound approach?


            Thank You!



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              So you want to print one bar code record for each line item listed product on an invoice in order to print a label for each such line item? That's how you would do it for an Avery type sheet of labels, but then you might also use a dedicated label printer and then you wouldn't necessarily need to create 5 records when the Qty for a line item is 5.

              I see no purpose to a relationship between bar codes and invoices, but do see a use for a link between such a "bar code labels" table and both line items and an added occurrence of Products:


              Your script can pull up a found set of all line items for a given invoice and then loop through them to create records in Barcodes Setting each such record to the Invoice ID and Product ID. To create the number of records for the Qty specified, you "nest" a second loop inside the one that loops through the line item records.

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                Hi PhilModJunk!

                Thank you for the help.

                I rethink the problem and your right, i dont need the Barcode Table at all.


                Thank you!