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help with calculation

Question asked by Victor on Nov 25, 2008
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help with calculation




i am wondering if someone can help me out with this. basically i have this database of students, each student get assign enrollment  status: Enrolled, non-start and applied. Each student get assign a funding officer. also they get  second status for the funding source: SLM or PIF. Now, I need to figure way to find out  how many are SLM or PIF of those students which are enrolled. This is a summary report i am using to get the information base on funding officer. I am able to find the total for all the enrollement status and funding status but I need to figure a way to break apart base on funding status base on enrollment status. example will be 


funding officer:

James smith,





Now, out of the 50 students  that are enrolled, how many are SLM and PIF.  


Thank you