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    Help with calculation



      Help with calculation


      I just installed a 30 day trial of FM Pro. I have an excel spreadsheet showing the books I have read over the years with the following fields DATE TITLE PAGES. In the spreadsheet I have page totals for year. When bringing it into FM the calcs didn't work (obviously). I tried creating a claculation field & got way mssed up.


      I did make sure that the DATE field is in date format 12/1/2009. 


      How do I total my page count for each year. It seems like I have to have an if, then and a Sum(). How would that look in FM. 


      Thanks to all. 

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          Create a calculation called cYear (result is number) with:  Year (yourDateField ).  Also create a field called sPages (type is summary)  and select Total of Pages (pages should be a number).


          Go to File > Manage Database > Relationships and select your table occurrence until it highlights.  Then click from below the ++ to duplicate it.  Point and drag from Dates::cYear to Dates 2::cYear. Any time you want to count all your pages per year, place the version of Dates 2::sPages on your layout. If you want to only count the number of pages in a specific found set (such as restricted to author etc), place the Dates:sPages field on your layout (which will respond according only to your current found set).



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            Create a calculation of: Year ( YourDate )

            Create a summary field that counts the calc field. You can use a subsummary report grouped by the year calc or use another calc field using GetSummary (). Dont forget to sort by the break field.



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