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    help with calculation



      help with calculation


      I need to merge a field if a condition is met. For example, I need to get all the email addresses from the students::mother_email_address field into one c field if the student is "special education"

      I created the following relationship to get all the email addresses into one field using the List function

      Students x Students_List_View

      The calculation field I have is cEmailList=If(Students::List_View::Special_Ed="Yes";

      However, the calculation returns all the email addresses... I only need those that meet the criteria.

      Any ideas?

      Thanks in advance.

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          Your If function only refers to the Special Ed field of the first related record. If it is "Yes" you get all related records. If it is not "yes", you get no records. That's not what you want, but it's what you created with your calculation here. Wink

          You need to put the If function on the other side of the relationship.

          Define a calculation field, cSpecEdMotherEmail, as:

          If (Students::Special_Ed = "Yes" ; MOther_email_address )

          Then modify your original calculation to be:

          Substitute ( List ( Students_List_View::cSpecEdMotherEmail ) ; "¶" ; "," )