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    help with calculation



      help with calculation


      Ok i have two date fields. One field is called DateLookUp and the other is called Today. I need a calulation that will do the following: IF DateLookUp is within 30 days of Today turn the color of text bold red


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          Abs ( DateLookup - Today ) < 30

          This assumes that DateLookup can be a date anywhere from 30 days before Today to 30 days after today.

          If only 30 days in the past or 30 days in the future is what you want to test for, you do not need to use the absolute value function.

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            Um... i dont think thats what i am looking for.

            I know it has something to do with Conditional Formating but when the field DateLookUp is within 30 days of todays date i need the text in the DateLookUp field to turn bold red or something

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              What I posted was the expression you would use for the conditional format.

              Right click the field while in layout mode. Select Conditional Formatting from the menu that pops up.

              Enter the expression shown and select the desired fill and or text color to appear when the expression evaluates as true.

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                hey phil

                i put in that calulation (Abs ( GA Verification unverifed appt::datelookup- GA Verification unverifed appt::Todays Date) < 30) but it didnt work. it will only turn the text red with the date = today's date ie: 6/1/2012.

                This is what i am doing...

                There are three fields im working with but only two are relevent. First field is DateLookUp. This is the date a presentation was ran. Today's date is obviously the date we are going out. The third field is called System Notes. Now when i need lead is generated, a script tigger scrubs the lead againist all the other leads to see the last time we went out. it will then place a note in the System Notes saying either two things; "this lead has never been ran" or "This lead was ran 5/12/2012 by John Doe"

                Now i placed a conditional format like you told me on the System Notes say: Abs ( GA Verification unverifed appt::datelookup - GA Verification unverifed appt::Todays Date) < 30   

                but it wont turn the lead red unless the datelookup = today's date. What did i do wrong? And is there another way to do this?

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                  oh... sry phil. the two date fields werent date fields they were text... but it worked