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Help with calculation

Question asked by DavidGibson_2 on Mar 8, 2013
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Help with calculation


     I've got a table relationship as shown. I've got three fields that I'm trying to add together.  There's a summary field in DRF called DRF::CAPTotal.  There's a summary field in WorkOrders called WorkOrders::WOTotal.  There's a summary field in Utilities called Utilities::UtilityTotal.  To simplify calculating the balance I created a field called WorkOrders::ProjectTotal that adds WOTotal + UtilityTotal.  The calculation that subtracts the WOTotal field and the UtilityTotal field from the CAPTotal field in a field called CAPBalance.  The problem is, if there are no records in the WorkOrders::WO field, there is no WorkOrders::WOTotal and the calculation fails.  As soon as I put data in a WO field, it works great.  Let me know what I'm doing wrong.

     Dave Gibson