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Help with calculation

Question asked by DonnaShelton on Nov 6, 2013
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Help with calculation


     I need to create a calculation and have done so before but cannot figure out how to do so for what I am needing.  I'm creating a database to keep up with vacation and sick leave time.  When the vacation/sick leave form is filled out and the number of hours is entered, I want it to subtract from the amount I currently have and give me the updated amount.  I also want it to add the vacation (11 hrs) and sick time (8 hrs) that I get on the first of each month. (Ex:  If I am taking 8 hours of vacation and have a total of 50, I want it to subtract 8 from 50 and give me 42.  Then on the first of the month, I want it to add back 11 hours for a total of 53 hours).  Any help would be greatly appreciated.