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Help with caluculation using date values

Question asked by JosephMauriello on Aug 24, 2014
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Help with caluculation using date values


     I've got a calculation field, gift_card_fy, that I want to only hold a value if the gift card was awarded within this fiscal year. All of the other aspects required for this calculation are working (see the annotated image attached to see an example). All of the fields used in this calculation are present and working accept for this one:


     c.gift_card_reward_date  ≥  Participants::c.gFYStart


     c.gift_card_reward_date  < Participants::c.gFYEnd

     ; c.gift_card_amount_owed

     ; ""


     Am I doing something wrong? All of these fields in the above if statement are calculations and all of them are returning data as excepted and their return values are set properly. What's going wrong?