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Help with Case Calculation

Question asked by kilbot on Mar 15, 2011
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Help with Case Calculation


Here is my case calculation below. For some reason it will not give me "A" below when a owners ethnicity is ASIAN PAC and their gender is "M". Where am I going wrong?

The reason I am doing this is to make a marker to count how many companies listed in my portal fall into these groups. I figured that if I wrote this then I could right another script to count how many A or B or C... where listed on the contracts in my found set. Do you think this approach would work?

Case (owner_ethnicity = "ASIAN PAC"  & owner_gender = "M" ; "A";
owner_ethnicity = "ASIAN PAC"  & owner_gender = "F" ; "B";
owner_ethnicity = "ASIAN SUB"  & owner_gender = "M" ; "C";
owner_ethnicity = "ASIAN PAC"  & owner_gender = "F" ; "D";