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Help with Changing Flat File to Relational

Question asked by KenClose on Aug 27, 2011
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Help with Changing Flat File to Relational


Hello: I began with the Medical Records starter template, imported a bunch of records (from Excel), even customized some layouts.  Now I would like to begin conversion to a Relational File.  So for first example, I have provider information in most all records in flat file.  I would like to create a Provider Table and relate the provider entries to the records in the flatfile, obviously deleting the duplicate fields from the main (flat) table.  I have searched and tried to follow the various messages on importing data back into a file from the same file, even into a newly defined table.  The problem I can not get around is on the Mapping dialog box, the Source side contains my newly named table (which is empty) but the Target side only has the original Flat File definitions.  I am stuck.  Can someone give me some steps to get me past this, or suggest a different approach?



PS: Newbie using FP11Adv.