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    Help with conditional calculation



      Help with conditional calculation


      I am trying to calculate based on a condition.  The fields are Registration Total ($), Registration Prepaid (Y/N), Sub-Total of Sales ($).  I want the Sales Total to be equal to Registration Total + Sub-Total if the response in the Registration Prepaid field is No. If the response is Yes in Registration Prepaid I want the Sales Total and Sub-Total to be the same. I feel like I am halfway there but it's still not right.  Here is what I currently have:


      If ( not Registration_Prepaid ; Registration_Total + Silent Auction Items::Total purchase ; Silent Auction Items::Total purchase )




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          What result does this give you?

          Is Registration_Prepaid a number or text field? (may need to use Registration_Prepaid ≠ "Yes")

          What is the relationship between the table occurrence context specified for your calculation and "Silent Auction Items"? (Context is controlled by a drop down at the top of specify calculation if this is a calculation field. This names a "box" in the relationships graph that will link directly or indirectly to one named "silent auction items".)

          Is Total Purchase a summary field or some other field type?

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            Thank you the first suggestion fixed it!!!!