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    Help With conditional Setup



      Help With conditional Setup


      I ceated four different databases in one. I have different names for each. If I have a "checkbox set" With the names of each of the databases how can I put contact info into one as well as another based on which check box I checked?


      Ex: I participate in Volleyball (X), Basketball (X), Hiking, and Golfing (X)


      Contact info is intended for the Vball, Bball, and Golf Databases not the Hiking.


      Please help. Thanks!

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             It seems as though your structure is off. You probably should have one table of activity with a type field.
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            How can I clean up my structure? I have all the files connected so if I type in one it shows up in all four. I am trying to get it to only be in those specified by this one question. Is there anyway to do that?


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              My point is that you shouldnt be having conditional files...


              Perhaps you can provide further details on what you are trying to do and what your current files look like.

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                Okay basically I have one file for four different programs. I keep contact information in all of them. So instead of having to retype one person's info into three different locations they are involved in I would like to click on a box so that it can copy it into the different locations for me.


                Like I was saying if I have volleyball and basketball but not hiking. I would like the contact information in the volleyball and basketball databases.


                When I type information into any one of the different databases it shows up in all four. I am fairly new to filemaker and this is my first attempt to have four relational database.

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                  Again I think that it would better server you to have two tables. One contacts table and one table for activity. You could go even as far as 3 tables depending on your needs: Contacts, Activity, SignUp.


                  So lets say that you have A basketball, soccer, and hiking events. Well Contact "John" could sign up for the basketball event and the soccer event but not the hiking event.