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    Help with Contact  Management



      Help with Contact  Management


      Try to use the Contact Management Database that comes with Filemaker. Under the NOtes tab their is a button "Add a Note:" it works when using the database from the computer running filemaker... but does not work when is it published to the web. I login intro the localhost as Admin... pull up a existing contact then click the "Add a Note :"  button but it does not let me a add a note to that record.... The system does allow me to add a new record but even in the new record from the browse side it will not let me add a note under the Notes tab section




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          First thing you want to do when troubleshooting IWP scripts is open the script and choose "Web Publishing" under Show Compatibility. If any script steps are dimmed, you'll have to decide how to deal with it.


          In this script, it's the Freeze Window step that is not compatible.


          The quick fix:

          At the top of the script add an Allow User Abort script step, set to Off.


          This will cause IWP to simply ignore any step it can't perform. In this particular script that's no problem, but there may be scripts where that may cause Unexpected Behavior to put it mildly. In those cases you'll need to employ other methods, e.g. you can test for "web" in the application version and branch accordingly.