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Help with contact management template

Question asked by NataliaSoares on Jan 3, 2012
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Help with contact management template


 I have been asked to create a templeta that organizes all of my bosses' contacts. In order to do that I used the already made template " Contact Management". Using this template I had to change many of the fields since our information is not about companies but religious communities. Changing that info has been easy, but one of the most important things that I need to do and am not able to is to sort "Related Contacts" . I have changed what I want the similarities to be on the layout saying that I want related contacts to be shown by title and city. These titles are present on the page but once I leave the layout it does not list any of the other contacts who have these similarities. My question is, how do Related contacts appear on the contact card?

thank you

Natalia Soares