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Help with creating a customer database

Question asked by nickv on May 31, 2013
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Help with creating a customer database


     Hi guys,

     I am pretty new to using FMP.  I had taken a class on it a while back, but I would in no way call myself anything beyond a novice when it comes to databases.  When it comes to things other than databases, I am a power user.

     What I am trying to accomplish is this, I am trying to create a customer database for my wife so she can more easily keep track of her customers.  What I would like the database to do is not allow duplicate phone number entries (possibly saying something like "there is already an entry with this phone number, would you like to view it?" or something along those lines).  The reasoning for not wanting duplicate phone number entires is that her customers return infrequently.  Because of this there is a concern that multiple entries would occur.  I understand that setting the phone number as the primary key is a bad idea, and this is where I think I am getting stuck about how to approach this.  Obviously if the phone number is set as the primary key, there would be no duplicates allowed.  Is there a way to link a primary key to a number and have this queried each time a new customer is added?

     I understand that a workaround for this would be to search for the phone number first and then enter the data afterwards, but I am trying to remove as many steps as possible from this system for her as she isn't very technically savy.  

     I would also like to setup a cascading combo box (MS Access terminology.  If anyone is unfamiliar with this, a cascading combo box is a drop down box that once data in box 1 is selected, data in box 2 changes.  So if she were to select the state as NY in box 1, only cities in NY would be displayed in box 2)

     From what I could see there is no template that does this already.  Is there any way to do this without writing code?