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Help with creating a Search Function

Question asked by AbdoulBaldé on Feb 20, 2014
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Help with creating a Search Function




     I am having a hard time trying to create a search function to implement into my solution. 

     Context: This is a visit guide solution. It allows users to create visits by selecting content... and then launch the visit from a library (ortal of all created visits) and view the selected content as well as other infos that are common to every visit. 

     I am trying to create a script that will :

     1- Go to another Layout 

     2- Show All find results (Filepath)

     3- Allow user to go back to the original Layout. 


     Could you please help: 

     In the Table from which my Layout is based and where the search is performed, I have created a global field = "search"

     My script is as follows

     Allow user abort (off)

     Set Field [search; ""]

     Perform Quik Find [|

     Find Matching records [Replace;search]