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Help with creating a skill performance Evaluation

Question asked by RyanFields on Aug 16, 2012
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Help with creating a skill performance Evaluation


Hello Everyone. I have a feeling this may have been adressed already in this forum but I am unable to state my question in the search field correctly to get a viable answer. I am trying to decide if this product is right to bring to my bosses to purchase but need to know how to build an application first.


I am a Training instructor for the Aurora Fire department. In order to evaluate our candidates on specific skills, we currenly use a PDF Check sheet with criteria on a pass fail basis. There is room for comments along with required signature fields for both candidate and evaluator. 


What I want to do is take this PDF document and make it interactive on Filemaker so evaluators can simply have the Ipad on site to eval the candidate  Seems pretty simple to me but I am having issues making this a reality. Can you help out with a quick tutorial?