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Help with creating an add/remove Portal - NEWBIE WARNING

Question asked by MikeB-vs-FileMaker on Jun 10, 2011
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Help with creating an add/remove Portal - NEWBIE WARNING


Hello all,

This is my first post in the forum so please go easy on me.

My background is in web development and interface design but I currently find myself behind the wheel of FileMaker Pro Advanced 11... And I am hooked!

I watched the entire series hosted by Chris Ippolite and am in the middle of "FileMaker Pro 11: The Missing Manual".

I am building a database application to track insurance claims and I want to be able to add and remove contacts (from my contacts table) that are related to the claim via a portal window.  I have included a screen shot.

So basically when you click on the + icon button in the`1 portal I want to be able to select a contact from my contacts table and associate them with the current record (claim) in the parent table (Claims).  Please note that any one contact can be associated with multiple claims and Vendors is simply a different type of contact that will be represented in a similar portal window in a different tab... hope you are able to follow.  I am thinking that I can probably achieve the same result through a portal filter (by contact type  --> vendor) rather than a separate table occurence but again I am only a week into this and don't even know if my relationships are standardized properly or at all.

Please help.