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    Help with creating automatic detail layouts



      Help with creating automatic detail layouts


      Hey Guys!


      I am creating a document that helps me keep track of inventory of shipments and then put them into new shipments to send out.

      I would like to have a layout where I input an Item, Description, Qty, Item #, and Total # of Boxes. I would then like to click on that record and have it send me to a layout, where it shows the detail. For example: I have an Item: Toaster, Description: Silver, Qty: 4, Item #: 1234567890,  Total # of Boxes: 5. The when I click that record it takes me to a layout that has a record for each of the boxes, in this case, 5 records each with all the fields above automatically populated and the box numbers should be "Box 1 of 5, 2 of 5, 3 of 5" etc.

      Does this make sense?

      Thank you.


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          ...does this make sense...nope.  But I can ask more questions to help get you there.  You may need to make a mock up/diagram of what is going on.

          If I understand you (big IF), it goes something like this:

          You get a shipment.   4 toasters with all the details.  How does 4 toasters equate to 5 boxes?  Are there 4 toasters per box, so you have 20 toasters?  So Box 1, contains 4 of the above mentioned toasters, Box 2 contains the same, etc?

          Do you ever have partial boxes?

          After you get the boxes, what happens next?  I don't understand the '..put them into new shipments to send out'..  Do you ship as complete boxes?

          I don't understand why you need to go to another layout with the Box 1 of 5 scenario.  If your inventory structure is the Item (Box 1) and the contents (4 toasters, silver, Item#), they are all the same for boxes 2 thru 5, or are they different?  Populating all the fields is the easy part, just don't understand the need to have 20 identical records of identical toasters.

          Keep in mind I may be wrong, just trying to get more info.

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            You are actually correct. What happens is I get 20 boxes of toasters with 4 toasters in each box. I also get, lets say, 20 boxes of blenders, 2 in each box. I then put 10 boxes of toasters, and 10 boxes of blenders in each shipment to send two shipments of 10 boxes each. The toasters and blenders are exactly the same item, just multiple quantities of them. I would like a layout with the item info, total number of boxes, qty in each box (some boxes may be partial orders), and a total overall. Then I would like a layout with a line item for each box, so when I ship items back out I can make shipping labels with each box and its contents on its own line. I figured I could streamline it so filemaker does it automatically.

            I get a shipment of 20 boxes of toasters with 4 in each box and 20 boxes of blenders with 2 in each box. When I input the info into filemaker i would like to say "I have 20 boxes of toaster with 4 in each box" and it then creates 20 line items with the toaster info and labels them "box 1 of 20, 2 of 20, 3 of 20, etc"- same thing with the blenders.

            Then eventually when I create shipping labels I can tell each box which shipment it is apart of and it will then sort them out and print a shipping label for that specific shipment and have a line item for each box in that shipment.

            I know this is a lot, and I am proficient in filemaker, I guess I just need help with the first part... so far- Setting up the inventory to create line items for each box.

            Thank you for your patience and assistance.