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Help with creating duplicate records

Question asked by Sunny1 on Feb 25, 2015
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Help with creating duplicate records


I have Filemaker Pro 13.  I have a database of people who fill out a form annually that I track if they have turned it back in to me.    I want to pull up a particular year's report (2013) for anyone who is active (Y) and duplicate the records, change the year to 2014 and then I can go in and put a (Y) in the field if it has been turned in.

How do I do this?

One other question:  I have a Tab Control box with a portal in it.  On the portal is a button to open up the detail to the portal row that you have selected.  This detail is in another layout where you can edit or view info on this particular person.  I have a button to close this layout but it takes me back to the first person in my database rather than the person whose portal record I was editing, which could be person 11.  I want to close the portal layout and return to the person I was just on.  What are the steps in the script for me to get this to work right?