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Help with creating interfaces and scripts??

Question asked by coni on Jun 17, 2009
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Help with creating interfaces and scripts??


I can't seem to find any step-by-step tutorials or help for actually creating a user interface. Right now, I have a whole bunch of layouts/tables for Projects, then each Project has numerous Experiments, Personnel, Procedures, etc. What I'm looking for is how to make a layout that organizes all of my records in the other tables, along with buttons to create a new record, sort, find, etc. I don't really understand how the scripts are supposed to work.


Basically, I know there are table/list/form views, but how do I create a layout that combines a few of them? As in, have a summary screen of all the Project records, be able to sort them by ID # and date (how do I write the buttons script for this), and have an area where users can enter more project information and click a button to make it into a new Project record? Is there a way to combine two layouts onto one? 


Another quick question - is there some way I can have a list of all the Project records I have, and then click on a record to go to the actual form version of it and be able to change/add information?


Thanks in advance!