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Help with Data Entry info

Question asked by Sunny1 on Dec 11, 2012
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Help with Data Entry info


     I have a database of schools (173) within school districts (24).  Two schools have the same name but are in two different districts.  They have different ID #'s, addresses and districts.  I have a data entry form to record enrollment by year for each school.  So when I click the Entry button I have created, I cannot get the second school to appear so that I can choose it.  The field for the school name is drawn from Table "Counts" , Field "School Name", which stores the enrollment numbers by school and year.  I have figured that the reason the second school does not appear is that no "Counts" have been recorded previously but since the School Name field is a drop down list tied to School Name in the SCHOOLS table, it should show all schools.  I cannot find what part is wrong.  When I do enter the enrollment, it appears on both school enrollment pages, the correct one and the incorrect one.  Can you help me?