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    Help with database tinkering



      Help with database tinkering


           I have a database with several many to many relationships.  My database gets new records inputted every day.  Whenever I tinker with my database, I make a copy and work with that.  When I get it where I like it, I want to be able to import the records that have since been inputted into the original file.  I understand I can import from file and import the new records.  The problem is that not all the related records seem to get imported.  I have been able to import the related records somewhat successfully by switching to that table and doing the import again, but this is tedious.  Is there a more efficient way of doing this?

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               Write a script to do the importing. The script takes on the tedium of import records and updating next serial value settings on auto-entered serial number fields for you. Import Records from a script does not need to change layouts for each new target table either.

               You might also consider using the data separation model as it often enables you to deploy a new version of your solution by removing a file from the original system with a new copy and not have to import any records.

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