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    Help with disign suggestions



      Help with disign suggestions


           I have a table of employees that need to be scheduled for several training classes. 

           What I would like is a list box that I can sort by several options, Last name, Group, etc....) I then would like the user to be able to select multiple employees then schedule them into a class.  After the first class scheduling, I would like the records to remain selected, allow the user to choose another class for the same employees tand scheduled them for that class.

           Once scheduling for that group is complete, the user could click onto another person (s) and repeat.

           Does anyone have a suggestion on how to accomplish this?

           FYI - I am a beginner and this is a multi user system.


           Thanks, Dan

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               For starters, you need tables and relationships that support what you need to do. What you describe is a many to many relationship. An employee can be assigned to multiple classes and a class links to multiple employees. This requires a join table:


               Employees::__pkEmployeeID = Registration::_fkEmployeeID
               Classes::__pkClassID = Registration::_fkClassID

               If this notation is something you are unfamiliar with and you need help understanding it, see this thread: Common Forum Relationship and Field Notations Explained

               With this setup, a portal to registration can be placed on the Employees layout and used to sign that employee up for classes. A portal to Registration placed on the classes layout can also be used to sign up different employees for that one class.

               Here's a demo file. It matches Events to Contacts, but if you picture contacts as your employees and events as your classes, it's a pretty good demo file that shows how this can be set up and several different layout designs that can be used to work with a many to many relationship.


               If you are using FileMaker 12, open this file from the File menu and FileMaker will create a converted copy of it that you can open and examine using FileMaker 12.

               This is a "just to get you started" post. Feel free to use Post A Answer to ask follow up questions.

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                 Thank you!   Being new to FMP, it'll take a little while to absorb this.  I am aware of the many to many requirements, I'm just attempting to work out the best design for the user.

                 My thoughts are to have the students (contacts)  list(portal) on the left side of the screen - top right a pick list(portal) to select the Class(event) to enroll the student in, and then another list (portal) on the right side - under the the Class (event) that shows students (contacts) that are already enrolled

                 Thanks again for you efforts on this.. it sure makes life much easier to be able to ask an expert!


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                   Please see my demo file for a simpler layout design.

                   What you have in mind can work with some scripting and conditional formatting, but make sure you can get the simpler approach to work for you first.