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Help with drop down list

Question asked by danlee on Dec 20, 2014
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Help with drop down list


I have a Pop Up Menu that has values inside, Last Name, Trainer and City.  What I would like to have is another Drop Down List field that list all the Trainers when "Trainer" is chosen from Pop Up Menu.  Then when I select the Trainer from the Trainer Drop Down List it will show the name of the Trainer in the <<Sort List Key>> with their clients listed below. Right now if I have 20 Trainers and each have 50 clients the trainer would have to scroll all the way down the list to find their name and then look at their client list when they choose Trainer from Pop Up Menu..  This is how it looks now with all trainers listed.  If trainer's name is Sam he would have to scroll all the way down...

Showing {{FoundCount}} <<Result Label Plural>> <<$$FIND_SIMILAR>>


<<Sort List Key>>