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    Help with Duplicates



      Help with Duplicates


           I am currently on day 2 of a 30 day trial with the intention to purchase and use Filemaker for a mini database of season ticket holders. However, I need to know how to stop the same Block, Row  and seat been able to be entered. I have 10 blocks, 7 rows (A-G) and seats ranging from 1-25.

           If I enter a record of say'Block 1, Row A, Seat 1' I need to know that when entering other names and seats it will flag or not allow me to enter that same reference again. Any help would be much appreciated.

           Thank you.

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               To help...

               I would tell you that FMP can do that quite easily.yes

               There are many ways to do what you ask, but a simple trial test would be to create 10* 7 * 25 = 1750 records with some fields like...





               Sold ( yes/no ) radion button format




               1) Generate the records on an Inialization script using a Loop.

               2) Create a List Layout for Sales for all Tickets that Sold = No

               3) Set Status as Sold = Yes 


               That is a simple look.  You might add fields that can calculate adjacent seating...row above, row below and seats on same row.

               Find tickets based on quanty groups like a Party of 6.

               Graphical view of Un Sold area.. 

               On and on...

               Good Luck



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                 Hi Jim

                 As someone with no programming knowledge or experience of Filemaker si this easy enough to do or will I struggle, is there atutorial video anywhere that would help?

                 Thank oyu



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                   The internet is full of tutorials on Youtube.  Hard for me to tell you.

                   1) Do you have computer programming basic training?

                   2) Can you program a Spread sheet program like Excel or Numbers?

                   3) Have you done grahics programming.?

                   4) Do terms like Scripts, Loops, fields, Boolean Logic scare you?

                   We all started somewhere, but FMP is a high level interpreter type language that is designed to Manage Record Keeping like a File system. It is not a word processor or spread sheet or graphics design, but can do some of those functions.

                   Google FileMaker turtorial for beginners...


                   PS: I have 10+ years of FileMaker experience and still STRUGGLE from time to timewink