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Help with dynamic reports

Question asked by AaronRoss on Apr 7, 2012
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Help with dynamic reports


hello i need help on a report i am working on.

below is a screen pic of a table that shows data sorted by dates. I am trying to figure out a way to count each of the dates in the white bar and give me a grand count in the white bar.

the way i tried is first i created two added fields. count 1 and count 2. count 1 is calulation field that simply adds the num 1 each time data is sorted. count 2 is also a calulation field that counts the number of 1's and should give me a grand total but is only returning the number 1.

what am i doing wrong? and how can i fix this? all i want is a simple report that counts the total number of dates when searched and sorted.

EX: lets say i want to search telemarketer John Doe. I put john doe in FIND and it gives me all of John Does sales. I then sort John Doe sale's by date. (below) but i want a grand total number of all the dates.