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Help with Execute SQL to count unique values

Question asked by sccardais on Mar 17, 2015
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Help with Execute SQL to count unique values


I want to calculate / count the number of unique email addresses in my file.

I defined a calculation field, c_UniqueEmails (number result) with the calculation shown below: 

ExecuteSQL ("SELECT COUNT (DISTINCT Email_User) FROM USERS_XYZ" ; "" ; "")

I've tried this with various Storage options. They all return "?" as a result.

Email_User is a text field / indexed.

The name of the FileMaker file is USERS_XYZ. The name of the TO is USERS. If I use USERS instead of USERS_XYZ, the progress bar appears but nothing happens. I need to force quit. If I use USERS_XYZ, the calculation returns a "?"

The table has almost 70,000 records.

What might I be doing wrong?