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Help with fairly complex script/calc

Question asked by ToddCarlson on Apr 14, 2013
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Help with fairly complex script/calc



     I am fairly new to FileMaker but I've been coaching business owners for many years.  I have currently developed a production log for a plantation shutter factory.  What I need to do is to look back to the last five days "Start Date" and "Finish Date" and relative completed square feet per day in order to then look at current "Work in Progress" in order to find a lead-time based on these results.  So, we have been completing 150 sq ft per day and we have 1,800 sq ft in "Work in Progress" and therefore the current lead-time is 12 days.

     I need to sort by a field "In Production" that has a script of "Yes" based on "Finished Date" not populated.

     Any help would be grately appreciated.