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    Help with field validationp



      Help with field validationp


           Hi All,

           I am a beginner and have created a database for my neonatal unit.

           Has got 4 tables (Patient, Room, BedNo and Level of care)

           Room - 3 in no - NICU, HDU and SCBU

           Each room has got many beds and all beds are numbered. Same bed no in different rooms!

           If I have to admit a patient in a room and that bed is already occupied, I would like to show an error message- "Bed occupied"

           Tried creating by validating with unique no for the bed no -  failed as the different rooms have got same bed no. I can use the override option, but when I created a runtime application with that file, I was not able to get an override option.

           Attached an example file - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzOsF3qiKJReVEg2VWNuZkRrUzg/edit?usp=sharing

           Appreciate any help.



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               I had a child in NICU. He was there for a long time, but now he's approaching 6 feet, getting straight A's and is the guy I hand a jar to when I can't get it open. smiley

               I have to say that the thought that a "beginner" is working on a database for neonatal intensive care is a bit scary. I'd hate to see a design flaw in the database affect the care provided in any way...

               It would appear that you need to combine the Room number with the bed number as the combination of the two values should be unique. An auto-enter calculation can combine them: RoomNumber & " " & BedNumber and by using a text field with such an auto-enter calculation, you can then specify the unique values validation option for this text field.

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                 Many thanks PhilModJunk.

                 Beginner for the "database" but not for the care of the babies!!

                 We already have a proper database in our unit - BadgerNet Platform.

                 What I was trying to do was to create a handover info, fluid and drug prescription system using filemaker runtime appln. so as to reduce the cognitive burden of doing drug calculations in the middle of the night in NICU. Just trying. Have attached a pic of the relationship graph.

                 Have got enough non clinical time! and will learn from you gurus and will create a flawless design some time in the future.

                 Will remain a humble sishya (disciple in Sanskrit)  in learning database.

                 Thank you once again

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                   Yet what I see does not enable me to add to my previous answer. Can you describe what you are trying to set up when you need to show this error message?

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                I work in a 45 bedded NICU and the interns here do a shift work.

                For continuity of care, the day team handover important information about individual babies to the night team and vice versa. We used to type these in word doc that usually take a long time. So with file maker lot of things are done quickly and we can generate a handover sheet quickly. We handover babies according to the bed/cot no and when i tried to do that on filemaker -  like admitting a baby, I wanted it to give prompt that if a bed has already got a baby, it will give a message / show custom dialog - "Bed occupied". Then we can choose an unoccupied bed. We don't use these apart from handover sheet. I am also trying to create a drug and fluid prescription from it.

                I installed this as a runtime application in our unit  as the hospital IT doesn’t have Filemaker

                     This is the file I have created. Kindly have a look and access with the guest account


                Thank you


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                       I would need to access the file with full access in order to see the design details of the layouts, scripts, etc.

                       And I'd want to narrow this down to a specific layout and a specific set of actions taken by the user. Without that, I can't be sure that I am reproducing the same steps that you are taking when you need this checking to take place. And you never responded to my original suggestion that you use an auto-enter calculation to combine the room and bed numbers to produce a value that must be unique.

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                    Hi PhilModJunk,

                    Thanks for the response.

                    Have already done the change as per your suggestion -  created a field - RoomBedNo in Patients table and also included in the patients layout.

                    Please find the link to the file with full access for the guest account. 


                    Many thanks

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                           Ok, but if you have already implemented that change, what is the specific current issue?

                           A quick note about asking others to look at your file:

                           It's design may make perfect sense to you and you will be very familiar with it's design and the intended function of each layout and the objects you place on that layout. But to another developer, those crucial details may not be obvious to them when they first open the file and unless you provide some initial guidance, it may take a fair amount of time for the other person to figure out exactly what part of your solution to focus on in order to understand your current design in order to suggest some changes that will get it to work.

                           Thus it  would help if you provided just a bit more guidance such as telling folks: "When I go to Layout A and do X, Y and Z I get this result, when I want ____ to happen instead..." That, in some cases, can save the person looking at your file a considerable amount of time looking at the file and asking follow up questions just to figure out where to look in order to find the problem.