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Help with field validationp

Question asked by sunnysundaram on May 20, 2014
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Help with field validationp


     Hi All,

     I am a beginner and have created a database for my neonatal unit.

     Has got 4 tables (Patient, Room, BedNo and Level of care)

     Room - 3 in no - NICU, HDU and SCBU

     Each room has got many beds and all beds are numbered. Same bed no in different rooms!

     If I have to admit a patient in a room and that bed is already occupied, I would like to show an error message- "Bed occupied"

     Tried creating by validating with unique no for the bed no -  failed as the different rooms have got same bed no. I can use the override option, but when I created a runtime application with that file, I was not able to get an override option.

     Attached an example file -

     Appreciate any help.