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    Help With Filemaker



      Help With Filemaker


      We have been using fmp for close to 6 years now,


      We are a small business and share (remotely) our database from a central computer ( not server )

      We where informed on purchase of FMP 11 that we could run a single license on 5 separate computers,

      which we then installed FMP 11 on 4 different computers (using the same license) and tryed to remote connect  our database

      and where stopped by a licensing message, I had thought that it wouldnt work, but was informed otherwise,


      Is there anyway to get around this? or will be have to buy 4 different copies of FMP11 in order to remotely share our database?

      Our main computers are running Mac OS X 10.6.3 and 2 running Mac OS X 10.5.7




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          Steve Wright

          Im not sure why you would have been told this, I doubt anybody from FMI saying you could.

          Perhaps they where talking about a volume licence or the 5 pack they offer.


          If you bought the 5 pack, then yes this would be fine... but if you bought a single licence, that is exactly what it is.. for a single computer.


          The exception here is that FileMaker Pro Advanced allows you to install on two machines, but still only use one copy at any one time,

          in other words, this is ideal for deploying cross platform solutions, since you are allowed to install on both windows and mac.

          But you still can not use it to share the database between the two (besides it being against their licence agreement, the software will check)




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            "We where informed on purchase of FMP 11 that we could run a single license on 5 separate computers,"


            This would only be true if you used filemaker's Instant Web Publishing to publish the database. Then, up to 5 simultaneous users can access the database using their web browsers. This is not an approach for a beginner to attempt and there are significant limitations on how the filemaker interface will function in this environment, but it can be done.