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    Help with Filemaker Pro datasharing



      Help with Filemaker Pro datasharing


      Hi, I am a new user of Filemaker pro. I was trying to host a database by Instant Web Publishing, everything looks right, except that I can only access that database within the same internet network. What should I do to allow access from any outside networks? 


      Also, while I was trying to host 12 documents, only 2 of them can be seen even when I logged in within the original network.

      Please help. Thanks a lot!

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          You will have to enable port forwarding in your router for external connections through port 80 to your internal server.


          Regarding seeing the databases - be sure you have the Instant Web Publishing privilege assigned to the requisite user(s) in your database's File -> Manage -> Security (Account & Privileges previous to v10) settings.


          - John

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            Tried, but still doesn't work. 


            Accessing from outside of the network

            The router has been configured. Everything has been enabled in FileMaker Pro.
            We can still only access the information from within our own network.

            Access all of the "processes"/"modules" (not sure exactly what to call it).
            I made sure the privileges have all been granted/extended to the necessary accounts.
            Still can only access contacts and accounts.


            Any clues? Thanks a lot in advance.