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Help with filter inside portal

Question asked by SlevinKelevra on Jun 8, 2015
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Help with filter inside portal


I have three tables:

  • Maintenance tasks: ie: task 1 only for type A and task 2 only for type b
  • System type: ie: Type A, Type B
  • System workplan: ie: System 1 (type A), System 2 (type A), System 3 (type B)

The screenshot is an example of what I have created.

Working in system work plan, I created two portal tables:

  • first one with all the task linked to the the system type selected.
  • second portal is with the system maintenance added from the portal above.


how can I hide the tasks that are already inside the workplan only for the proper system?

If I try with the filter option I get all the task hidden...

Thanks for the help