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    Help with filter inside portal



      Help with filter inside portal


      I have three tables:

      • Maintenance tasks: ie: task 1 only for type A and task 2 only for type b
      • System type: ie: Type A, Type B
      • System workplan: ie: System 1 (type A), System 2 (type A), System 3 (type B)

      The screenshot is an example of what I have created.

      Working in system work plan, I created two portal tables:

      • first one with all the task linked to the the system type selected.
      • second portal is with the system maintenance added from the portal above.


      how can I hide the tasks that are already inside the workplan only for the proper system?

      If I try with the filter option I get all the task hidden...

      Thanks for the help







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          If you set up two calculation fields in System WorkPlan, one can list all the IDs from Maintenance to list all available tasks and one can list all IDs from System Task to list all selected tasks. These can then be used in a relationship to yet another occurrence of Maintenance to produce the desired portal. No portal filter is used in this example:

          List ( System Task::Maintenance Task ID )

          List ( Maintenance::Maintenance Task ID )

          The relationship:

          System Workplan::cTaskListByType = Maintenance Tasks | available::Maintenance Task ID AND
          System Workplan::cSelectedTaskList ≠ Maintenance Tasks | available::Maintenance Task ID

          A portal to Maintenance Tasks | available will then show only those tasks not yet selected. This same relationship, BTW, can be used to produce a value list of maintenance tasks that only lists available tasks and that dwindles with each new selection.

          On another note, it looks like you have a problem with the field options in Maintenance Task ID in the System Task table. I should see "crows feet" on the end of the relationship line that I don't see. This suggests that this field is either defined with an auto-enter serial number or unique values validation field option and eithe such setting must be removed for this field in this table in order for these relationships to work.

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            Thanks a lot! 

            It is a pleasure to meet people so prepared!

            I have some problem to understand what it mean 'crows feed'. If I remove the auto enter option how can I give an unique value to the task id?



            Fabrizio M.

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              The Maintenance task ID must be unique in the maintenance table. It cannot be unique in the System Task table as there will be multiple records, all linked to different System Workplan records that all have the same Maintenance Task ID as they all link to the same record in the Maintenance table.