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Question asked by PROFT on Apr 19, 2010
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Help with Find




I have a database that is used to manage presentations at a conference.  For each presentation there is a presentation record.  In the record, the following information is found:

User_ID, Session_ID, Presentation_Type, Presenter_Name, Session_Date, Session_Time


I'm trying to find schedule conflicts.  Right now I have test data set up where I have one participant in two sessions that do not conflict and another presenter in two sessions that do conflict.  I have tried many variations, but cannot Find the true conflict without also finding the other instance of a presenter in two sessions.


I tried entering a "!" in the three fields:  User_ID, Session_Date and Session_Time

I tried entering a "!" in User_ID and then ! in Date while constraining the found set and then "!" in the Session_Time while constraining the found set.


None of these seem to work.  I'm hopeful that once I figure out the find steps I can set this up as button activated script so I can check for conflicts.  I must be missing something very simple, but I am stuck!  Any help would be appreciated.