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    help with find mode



      help with find mode


      Hello, I need help finding a solution- so I have 390 customer records in a layout, with 2 portals on this layout from 2 child layouts. my users are having issues when trying to preform a find in one specific record. for example, when in the record of customer 1, they want to find one piece of information in the portal connected to the parent customer record. but when they enter find mode, it searches through all 390 customers and not the customer record they are currently on.

      Is there are script to solve this? I am not sure if this is an easy fix, or a complex one. But any feedback will do wonders. Thanks



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          Also, when in find mode, lets say I search the portal records for one word. When I do this, it gives me back the ENTIRE portal of information, not just the one portal row containing my searched input. This makes searching in long portals with many rows of info in it useless 

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            Well it's doing what it suppose to do.  It's never going to leave you with just one portal row of information. What may be easier is a script that does the following

            Set Variable for customer ID, in main table

            Set Variable for find criteria (if this is multiple fields we'll have to try something different)

            GTRR of a list view of the child records

            Enter find mode

            Set Field for customer id

            Set field for find criteria

            Constrain Found set.

            These are the basic steps, but there are better ways to do this if you describe what you want to do after you find this record.

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              Here's what your current method is asking of FileMaker:

              "Find all records in the layout's table that have at least one portal record matching this criteria."

              If you want to find portal records, other methods need be used. Steve has outlined one method. It's also possible to set up a filtered search portal where you enter information in a field on the layout and the portal filters down to just the related records that pass the criteria specified in the field.

              There are several examples of this type of portal in "Adventures in FileMaking #2 - Enhanced Value Selection" that you are welcome to investigate to see if they work for you.