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Help with FInd Request

Question asked by john.s on Mar 2, 2014
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Help with FInd Request


     I'm trying to find all jobs for the current school year and omit any that are Closed.  To determine the current school year I use a formula by getting the current date (month) and if the month is less than 8 I set the field to the Current Year else I add 1 to the current year.  That part works and I can perform a find that only pulls current school year jobs.  When I try to add an omit statement for the Closed jobs I then get jobs for every year.  The training documents show how to find and omit using a static search but only shows how to either find OR omit when using a dynamic search.  I know the search capabilities in FM are robust but I could use some help in understanding how to do this.

     Thanks in advance,