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Help with fixing a huge date error I inherited

Question asked by BenBuller on Jan 24, 2014
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Help with fixing a huge date error I inherited


     I am new to supporting filemaker (and my group at this organization). However, I've become very accustom to FMPro 12 and working with my group (they've had older versions and have been using it since1998).

     However, they have an issue (which was corrected in 2009 apparently). About 8500 records have the year 1900-1908 (instead of 2000-2008) All of them have unique months and days that they represent. Is there a way to run a script (or fix) to just a searched year(s)?

     As an example, if I search 1901 it shows all the purchase orders for "1901" which are supposed to be 2001. The problem arose because they used a 2 digit view and some people would tab to the next are and just put the last two digits. It apparently was defaulted for the prefix of 19. It has been corrected since 2009 but this old data needs to be corrected without having to search for that group of years and copy and pasting one by one. I know how to search and find data, and replace all with something but the problem is that we only need the year changed and the actual day/month is very important.