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    Help with formatting number fields please!



      Help with formatting number fields please!


      Hello friends!

      I'm using FM11.  I currently have a working database I've designed and things are going well with it.  Thanks to all who helped me learn the program on this forum!

      I would like to learn how to make a number field 'auto-enter' zeros after a number to denote a thousand. (did that make sense??)

      Expample....If I enter the number 10, I would like it to look like 10,000.

      Thanks in advance!


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          You could usethe auto enter expression: Self * 1000

          or Self & "000"

          To keep repeated edits from adding 3 zeroes each time, you can include an If function:

          If ( Self < 1000 ; Self * 1000 ; self )

          In all of the above, number formatting on the field could then add the thousands separator.

          If it's just "for looks", you could even place your number on the layout as merge text followed by ",000"


          This last option can't be edited, but it works for reports and such.